In-Person Worship THIS Sunday (FEBRUARY 7, 2021)!

We have good news….this Sunday we will reopen our church!!!
We will have a service at 10:30 a.m. in the sanctuary. We will continue to have online presence with the service being seen on YouTube, the church website, and Facebook page. We will live stream the service on zoom. If you would like a zoom link please email us at
Here are the guidelines for us to have a safe and successful service.
Persons in the age group of 65 and older or those who live with people in this age group are encouraged to stay at home.
Persons with significant high-risk health conditions are encouraged to remain at home.
The nursery will be closed. Please plan accordingly.
If you are feeling sick or have a positive diagnosis with COVID-19, please remain at home.
Entry to the church will be limited to the main sanctuary entrance/Osborne Drive in the front of the church to assist in aiding in social distancing.
Temperature checks will occur as people enter the building, anyone with a temperature with a 100.4 and above will not be allowed in the church.
At the end of the service, congregants will exit through the door at the mail center to aid in social distancing.
Entry and exit of the church building will be clearly communicated and marked.
Cloth masks, face coverings or disposable masks shall be worn by all participants in the church during the entire service.
*Face coverings under the age of 2 is not recommended in addition to anyone who has trouble breathing or anyone who is unable to
remove the mask without assistance (these persons should remain home at this time).
Ushers/greeters should avoid shaking hands and/or hugs. Greet with head nods, elbow bumps, hand wave etc.
Greeters wearing masks and gloves will welcome everyone and suggest using hand sanitizer available.
Greeters will open doors for persons to allow for a touch-free church.
Ushers will escort people entering and exiting the sanctuary to assist with maintaining social distancing.
Ushers will seat congregants starting from the front of the sanctuary to the back. Ushers will assist with exiting persons starting from the back of the sanctuary making their way towards the front (entering seat front to back, exiting leading out back to front).
Every other pew will be marked for seating to ensure social distancing of 6 feet or more. Families are encouraged to sit together.
Each week, the pews available for seating will be rotated from the previous week’s restricted seating.
Attendance records will be kept of all persons attending the service. This is essential so the District Superintendent, the Bishop and Hamilton County Health Department can be contacted with a list of persons in the event an attendee testing positive for COVID-19.
Offering plates will not be passed during the worship service.
An offering plate will be placed where the congregants exit the church building or congregants can continue to pay their tithe on-line.
The person counting the tithe will wear a mask and gloves.
When Holy Communion is conducted, it will only be with pre-packaged self-served communion elements made available when entering the sanctuary.
Paper bulletins will not be available.
The order of worship will be displayed on the projection screens at the front of the sanctuary.
Congregational singing has been suspended.
In the event of a soloist or a small group of singers, extended social distancing beyond 6 feet will be implemented among the singers and congregants.
Instrumental music will be used without congregational singing.

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