Sunday Morning Worship Service, January 24, 2021


Prelude: Surely the Presence Michael Rodgers

Call to Worship

L: Come, let us praise the Lord!

P: We praise God with our whole heart!

L: God’s works are great!

P: Open our hearts and spirits to see your works, O Lord!

L: Come, let us worship the Lord who has saved us!

P: May our lives reflect the wondrous love of God that all may see and know of God’s greatness. AMEN.

Hymn:             Be Thou My Vision                  Michael Rodgers

Scripture:        Psalm 111                               Lynda Reese

Hymn:             He Touched Me                      Michael Rodgers

Scripture:        Mark 1:21-22

Sermon                                                           Rev. Dr. Joshua Felton

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn:             Seek Ye First                           Michael Rodgers        

Benediction Postlude

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